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Online Social Mapping


Online, interactive maps are a useful addition to Social Networks and Media. They encourage and facilitate connections between group members who are located near one another. They also provide a broad view of the group as to how they are distributed geographically.

interactive mapMapping applications vary from simple to complex in both functionality and maintenance. Simple maps are easily implemented and maintained and can be deployed in a number of different contexts (group maps, conference attendees, organization maps, etc). Within these maps, marker popup balloons can contain links to social network profiles.

Below are listed several examples of interactive mapping applications related to social networks. These demos were created by Horizon Mapping to show how maps can be used to share information.


Mapping on Social Networks

  • Ning Mapping App

The Ning Mapping App is a free addon that allows a Ning network manager to display a map showing the location of group members. Members add themselves to the map.

Ning Mapping App Demo - Ning Member Map


Social Mapping Within Joomla

  • Native Joomla Applications

    • Googlemaps Plugin

    The Googlemaps Plugin allows the site manager to create a map showing one location that can be included in any article. Multiple maps can be generated.

    Googlemaps Demo - Business Location Map

    • Phocamaps Component

    The Phocamaps Component allows the site manager to create multiple maps with many markers each, using a variety marker  styles. The maps can be inserted into any article.

    Phocamaps Demo - Volunteers Map

    • Sobi2 Directory Component

    The Sobi2 Directory Component allows site visitors to submit organization profiles and locations to be listed in an online catalog and map.

    Sobi2 Demo - Organizations Map

  • Embedded applications

    • Google Spreadsheet Forms

    The Google Spreadsheet Form is an external web page that can be incorporated within a Joomla web site. It allows users to enter their location and social network profile link into a Google Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet owner must accept a link as valid before it is published on the map. The Google user can create many spreadsheets and forms.

    Google Spreadsheet Demo - Attendee Entry

    • Google Map Gadget

    The Google Map Gadget is an external application linked to a Google Spreadsheet. The map gadget can be embedded within any Joomla article and will display all the locations in the spreadsheet.

    Google Map Gadget Demo - Attendees Map

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