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Umwana ni uw’umuryango

Children in Rwanda are remarkably happy and kind. Most do however suffer from poverty and many have trouble paying for what is needed to attend school. In addition many are orphans, and many suffer from water realted diseases and poor nutrition. As with any society, there are also those who are being abused and mistreated. The GoR aims to close down all orphanages by 2014 and find Rwandan foster parents for orphans.

Some Facts

in and around Aalborg

According to the SFI there were 231 homeless in Aalborg in 2011. 84 lived in shelters, 65 with family or friends, 24 lived on the streets, 5 in the night shelters, 9 were in prison and 15 at the hospital. According to Aalborg municipality "Aalborg i Tal" there are 331 persons without a consistent place to live.