Primarily Local Volunteers

CISEM is a regional volunteer association. They offer counceling and advice for victioms of incest or other sexual abuse. Many of these victims cannot afford psychiatrists, which are often needed to get through years of trauma and get back to a better quality of life. It is important to talk about what has happened and it helps to be among others who has been through similar situations.

Service: Group Therapy
Service: Phone counseling

Dyslexia is often something people hide, but many has it. You can get support, get to know others with dyslexia and get help to improve your reading ability. We do not offer education, but we cooperate with the speach institute and AOF. Purpose To promote understanding, so that as many as possible can get an understanding into the problems connected with dyslexia. And to provide assistance for those with dyslexia and helptem see; that there is a way forward.

Ibis works with education and human rights in Latin America and Africa. It is operated from Denmark and recieves most of its resources from the government. It is exceptionally good at cooperation with local NGOs abroad. In Aalborg we are a small group of volunteers who are happy to welcome new volunteers. People are not there because they know each other but rather because they can make a difference.


Service: Campaign Work
Service: Events Planning
Service: Tax Group