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Ibis works with education and human rights in Latin America and Africa. It is operated from Denmark and recieves most of its resources from the government. It is exceptionally good at cooperation with local NGOs abroad. In Aalborg we are a small group of volunteers who are happy to welcome new volunteers. People are not there because they know each other but rather because they can make a difference.


To make sure all children go to school and recieve qualified education, in their native language. Plus, assisting minority groups in speaking up, to have their basic human rights respected. The Aalborg group's aim is to make people in Northern Jutland aware of the problematics and of Ibis through interesting events, such as documtaries and debates.

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Founded in: 1991 (sprung from a much older student organization called World University Service (WUS). Religious or political affiliations: democratic principles. Open for new members: yes. Demands for membership: You don't have to be a member to either help or to receive help, however fomal membership is 50 kr. the first year. The 100 kr for students, retired or unemployed people and 300 kr. for others. Contact information: Show up for one of the meetings or movie evenings announced on facebook

Financial information for Ibis Aalborg

We get funds from the main office when needed for events. Last year (2012) we got informationmateriale and some fairtrade Coffey from the main office as well as money for pensils and colour and paper for kids to use at the "All children in School" event. Number of Employees and active volunters: 1 coordinator from Århus and a shifting number of volunteers app. 11. General lacks? Would like more local volunteers.

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Vesterbrogade 2B
1620 Copenhagen
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35 35 87 88
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Volunteer Network

A place whre you can share your experience and assist in promoting the good work this does abroad.


Tax Group

To Inform and get informed about the policies that creates disparity.

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