Children in Rwanda

Umwana ni uw’umuryango

Children in Rwanda are remarkably happy and kind. Most do however suffer from poverty and many have trouble paying for what is needed to attend school. In addition many are orphans, and many suffer from water realted diseases and poor nutrition. As with any society, there are also those who are being abused and mistreated. The GoR aims to close down all orphanages by 2014 and find Rwandan foster parents for orphans.

Some Facts

  • In 2011, "there are 3,830 children living in orphanages, up from 3,769
  • last year". (Benilde Uwababyeyi, Child Protection Specialist at MIGEPROF). “The estimated number of street children ranges from a few hundred to several thousand,” (UNICEF Child Protection Specialist Maxime Germain) (New Times). Last year, 1,654 children were sexually abused and 47 children were abandoned by the families, according to National Police statistics (NT).
  • "There are 3,153 orphans left that need to be re-integrated into families" (NT). Rwandan Organisations dealing with Street Children

Rwandan Organisations dealing with Street Children

Started by two girls, who heeded a calling to help orphaned and exposed children in Rwanda. They currently help 65 kids.

The centre is run by Evode Usbyamahoro , who grew up a street child himself, and his wife Rebecca Ubaka U Rwanda is run by a loving couple, that have taken in streetchildren and help them, by providing a safe place to sleep, play and learn. They also try to get scholarships but rely on private donations and sponsorships.

Mother Teresa's Orphanage is right in the center of Kigali and there are many children, babies and elderly, who are dependant on their basic assistance.

Nyamirambo is one of the most densly populated areas in Rwanda. It is difficult for the small children, whose parents are at work or who have no parents to get by. Some of these children go to Abadacogora and play. The nuns also makes them one meal a day. If you go by, you are welcome to bring food, which they can always use, or money as the nuns usually get a good price on the market.

Has a community center where they help widows and orphans. They also have a health post for the community and they aim to help the widows with income generating activities. Services Community center/Orphanage School fees Healt clinique Purpose/Mission Statement To assist predominantly widows and orphans displaced during the genocide in 1994 and now resettled by the Rwandan Government in an area of hitherto uncultivated savannah, to speed the pace of economic development within the community and to achieve economic self-sufficiency and self-governance within five years. (Link).